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Crayton Corporation is a SME multinational holding company. The entity was established in order to consolidate the business efforts of its enterprising board of directors and corporate partners around the world. Since its inception, we have developed, licensed and sold more than 50 start-up businesses, business concepts and domains, whilst maintaining our core operations in entertainment, technology, film finance brokering, and public relations.

From the United Kingdom to Kansas City, MO, our B2B operations are strategically placed to provide quick and efficient services to entities of all types and sizes. With 7 locations and over 200 staff worldwide, we move at lighting speed to maintain and develop new business and business relations.

"It has given us great pride to announce that we've been around since 2006 providing essential services for growing and established businesses, as well as entertainers around the globe." Director of European Operations, John Goldstein

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the best at identifying, qualifying, and developing and delivering superior solutions that enhance our customer's bottom line. Everything we do is inspired by our ever enduring mission:

  • to inspire moments of optimism, through our brands and actions;
  • to create value & make a difference...everywhere we engage; and
  • to progress forward in all that we do.
  • We take a firm stand in our business ideals, operations, and principals in order to enact high standards within the industries as a whole. Being unique, Crayton Corporation is not only a brand, it is a statement of ongoing growth.

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    "Since 2006, we have been on a constant roller coaster full of excitement, as we have seen this company grow from a tiny start-up with 7 employees to just over 200 contractors and dozens of employees worldwide. Every now and then, I reflect on its beginnings. Just before I joined the company, I was well aware that the managers at Crayton Corporation were some of Hollywood's young movers and shakers. I didn't know how influential until I was a woman on the inside." Rachel Matthews

    • 2006

      The Beginnings

      The business began in sunny Los Angeles, CA, where at its inception, Mr. Crayton adjoined his existing talent management firm with elite film finance investment groups from California, Italy, and Germany.

    • 2008-


      From the humble beginnings of a California apartment to the expansive development of sister offices in New York, Florida, Nevada, United Kingdom, and Canada, Crayton Corporation furthered its reach and service offerings. Beginning in entertainment, Crayton Corporation diversified its investment strategy by buying and developing businesses in other industries, such as, health & fitness, event management/supplies, education, retail, real estate, transportation, printing, networking, animal care, food & beverage, and creative design.

    • 2015
      To Present

      Midwestern Sights

      Mr. Crayton, a Midwestern native, noticed a large disparity in the entertainment industry whilst living in New York and California. Although the filming and music recording industries source talent in select coastal cities, much of that talent comes from the Midwest region. Of like manner, much of the food industry sources its products from the region, making central US a place of importance. To align his vision with the board of directors, Mr. Crayton convinced the board of its need to position itself in an area unexplored by the company. Now, Crayton Corporation has offices in Overland Park, KS and 3 offices in Kansas City, MO.

    Our Services

    Below is a comprehensive list of the service areas and services we provide.

    Call Services

    We offer an array of services for businesses of all sizes. Our callers are US-based, so you don't need to worry about mistranslation, delays, long distance calls, foreign legalities, and being out of reach. Need multilingual services? No problem. Best of all, you can maintain the integrity in knowing you are providing jobs right here in the United States, doing your countrymen a great service.

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    Website Services

    We offer web services for hosting, website design, maintenance and much more. Our developers and security staff have extensive knowledge in today's trends, devices, and marketing effectiveness to reach your customer base with great results. Best of all, we are skilled at delivering quick results to customers. Increase your business reach with our services; any load and capacity imaginable.

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    IT Services

    Our skilled US-based IT staff has knowledge on national and international software and hardware infrastructure hacking trends, intelligence, and counter intelligence. We typically work on operating systems used by the mass market, such as Apple, Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu. But we do have extensive knowledge in other types of personal and server OS types less used. Available 24hrs a day.

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    Consultation Services

    Get the advice and knowledge needed to keep you in business. It's not just about intuition...the gut instinct. But it's also about experience, numbers, facts, and figures. We take in the picture as a whole to help determine what can help clients from Point A to Point B. We keep up with trends and research from credible resources, develop our own patterns for data analysis, and client insight to better their position.

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    Have an idea? Everyone has them. We can get it them on the blue stuff! Blueprints. We employ designers who have made it their life's goal to design and think outside of the box. From moving parts to inanimate products, they can create magic. Yes, we employ magicians! When it comes to turning that blueprint design into the physical product, we can manufacture that design in the US or abroad.

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    Real Estate

    Owners of realty have a responsibility to maintain property value, ensure state legal specifications are met, and many times maintain or improve upon a structure or exterior landscape. We make certain our customer's demands are met in a timely fashion, done economically, cost-effective, and to the satisfaction expected. From property management to helping sell a home with photos and interior design.

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    Advertising/Marketing Services

    Without marketing, businesses rely on word-of-mouth alone. Unfortunately, word-of-mouth by itself is a slow process for growth. To realize fiscal increases in a way that allows for efficient business gains, developing an effective advertising strategy is pivotal. We diligently research all market areas for strengths & weaknesses, locate target market groups, and then cultivate the strategy to deliver results.

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    Graphics Services

    We take art seriously! Our experienced graphic designers are college educated in media arts and other design programs. We utilize effective designers that not only understand how to create great designs, but also know how to make visually appealing layouts that are commercially correct (e.g., the placement of imagery and ad copy). From logos to menu design, we do it all.

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    Photography Services

    We offer an assortment of photography services. Real estate, retail, food, modeling portfolios, family photos, weddings, events...you name it! Let our skilled photographers shoot your event with our high speed cameras to catch all of the action. Memories are best remembered through imagery. Delivering photos that capture those great moments in time is what makes it worth it all. Available worldwide.

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    Video/Filming Services

    Create the right image for your business. With expert directors and producers, understanding how to capture a service, product or message in the right light is an easy task. We elevate your image and transform your growth. We can shoot on location or in our studio, but have the capability to record anywhere in the world. Commercials, infomercials, and music videos are our most popular services in this category.

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    Event Services

    Reinventing the wheel can be done! We know because we have the recipe. The secret is that nothing is standard. We can setup elaborate parties guaranteed to knock your socks off and simplistic events for intimate settings. Also, we have access to local and celebrity artists/bands that perform events. With an idea in mind, let us realize it for you. Whatever the event, we customize, plan, and work within budget.

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    Audio Recording Services

    Recording music and vocals is an art and science. Our "production lab" engineers are specialists in their craft, looking beyond the fundamentals of notation. They consistently develop commercial ready material, which means they know what it takes to make your audio recording professional. Because they are creatively skilled and "in-tune" to today's trends, they can achieve that desired sound.

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    Educational Services

    Perfect for adults and children, we offer on-site, remote (online), and from home lessons. Learn about acting, modeling, film and music production, and more. Our classes range from beginner courses to master level courses. Our high-end classes are taught by university professors, celebrity artists and actors, as well as our in-house teachers at 825 Studios. Take daily, weekly, or bi-weekly classes. Learn at your pace.

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    Rental Services

    Why spend thousands on something that you only need for 1-2 days, or hire a company long-term when only a short-term solution is required? If a small budget is in mind, then we have workable solutions that can get you what you need by the date you need it. We supply small to large businesses, as well as budding companies with temp staff & recording gear to capture awesome moments through film & audio.

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    Retail Distribution Services

    Shopping is practically a religion, because we all have a ritual of sorts. We know shopper behavior and the trends associated with different demographics. Placement of your product in the right stores brands, in the right cities, at the right price, and at the right time is what we are trained to know. When you're looking to get into retail, using our knowledge and retail connections will get you where you need to be.

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    Band Merchandise Services

    Musicians know what it is like to perform concerts and not get paid for a performance. So why perform without the chance to earn cash? A great way for fans to connect with their favorite artists is to provide them with items that can make them feel connected. We provide musicians a way to achieve that. Custom paintings, pens, t-shirts, hats, clothes (hand made), posters...whatever the flavor.

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    Disc Manufacturing Services

    From musicians selling music for retail distribution and concerts to businesses redistributing material for workers, our staff works around the clock to ensure we match quality with price. We offer quick turnarounds for shortrun duplication and offer extremely competitive pricing on replication and duplication. In fact, if you find a cheaper price out there, let us know, we'll try to match it.

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    Repair Services

    Music equipment is not cheap and many have an attachment to what they have. We aim to preserve instruments and bring them back to life. Often fixes are simple, but some elaborate tasks require surgical persission. We've seen it all. Equipment can be dropped off at 825 Studios, picked-up (if in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, or Kansas City), or mailed (if under 50 lbs.), and returned in the same manner.

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    Legal Protection Services

    Lawyers are costly. So, we've devised a way to reduce that cost. We bonus and benefit them in other ways, which allows the consumer cost to be reduced. Our experienced legal team and trained negotiators can work on your behalf for a fraction of the cost, allowing you to get what is needed. From obtaining patents to copyrights, we offer an array of different services that are great for businesses and musicians.

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    Accomodation Services

    Why spend countless hours browsing for deals, when you can send an email, text, or make a 2 minute call for setup? Easy right? We thought so. Since 2008, we have provided private concierge services for the clients we manage - businesses, actors, models, music artists, comedians, speakers, and producers. We have partnerships with the biggest airlines, car services, and hotels to keep prices low.

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    Licensing Services

    Licensing is an area of business that allows the growth of a business or artist to boom. Growth by an individual is possible, but rapid growth of product manufacturing and awareness often happens with licensing. We can get your product or music in the right hands. Not every pitch or product is always success, but we have a great success rate, and have the right connections to increase the chances.

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    Some Of The Companies We OwnThis is a list of companies we own 51% share or more. Some companies are not listed due to contractual obligations. We also have a few service based areas of business, such as Sales, IT, and Development which are not seperate entities. Therefore, at this stage, they do not have websites. For service details, refer to the services section, else request an in depth brochure.

    Make your selection below to view.

    • All
    • Marketing
    • Financial
    • Film & Music
    • Legal
    • Other

    Businesses in Development

    Here are a handful of businesses that we are working dilligently to develop from the ground-up, along with their current status until completion.


    Music Xing

    Watch music videos, buy or sell music & band merch, or access music promotional services.


    Evest Now

    Enables web users to fund projects and businesses by others online, and access funding services.


    Crayton Bank

    Money lending and savings solutions in Europe (retail) and the Americas (online).


    Blind Finger Records

    Our forthcoming alternative, country and rock label.


    Crayton Foundation

    Our charitable foundation, helping to reshape our world and minds through education.


    Film Equipment Rentals

    The re-launch of our rental services for large and small film production companies and film enthusiasts.


    Educate Create

    Our charity works with the community to help enrich the lives of children through creativity and the arts.


    PCs & Laptops (untitled)

    Technologically advanced computers compatible for government agencies and military.


    Games (untitled)

    Video games for common consoles, computers, and phones.


    Investment Platform (untitled)

    Buy and sell private business stock ownership.


    Bar & Grille (untitled)

    American food, brews, and music.


    Radio Program (untitled)

    Midwestern music and events.

    Jobs Available

    We often source local talent pools for seasoned and recent graduates to ensure we are staffed with qualified, motivated, and reputable workers. In our experience, education does not denote ability alone. So our Human Relations team vigorously searches for people with a strong foundation of experience and core values, and then equips them with the necessary tools to grow. As an Equal Opportunity Employer (E.O.E.) , Crayton Corporation seeks qualified talent from all walks of life and ability. Our insurance, travel, relocation, and retirement options make working at Crayton Corporation an attractive company.

    • Work-From-Home


      Description: Direct Selling and Inbound & Outbound phone sales.
      Scale: Commission, Base + Commission, and hourly.
      Requirements: Must be strong closers! Articulate, willing to travel, has transportation, and GED or higher.

    • Work-From-Home


      Description: Seeking web developers with an array of scripting and coding knowledge.
      Scale: Pay Per Gig.
      Requirements: Experience with HTML, PHP, SQL, Ajax (minor), Javascript, Java, Adobe Flash, CGI (minor), Wordpress & Joomla (CMS applications), CRM integration (minor), FTP, and the use of OS in Linux and Windows Server 2008-12.

    • MO

      Recording Studio Engineers

      Description: Looking for talented engineers with an ear for music.
      Scale: Pay Per Project.
      Requirements: Must have a great personality, be trained in recording, have a background as a musician, singer or stage performer, and willing to work anytime of the day throughout the week and weekends.

    • CA | FL | MO

      Software Developers

      Description: We have a client with an interest in developing a new OS system. We've compiled much of the code, but need further testing and development.
      Scale: Salaried, with percentage of sales.
      Requirements: Experience in configuring systems like Microsoft, Linux, Ubuntu, and Apple. Must be willing to work long hours. Math required. Counter Intelligence and white-hat hacking knowledge is a plus.

    • CA | FL | MO

      Video Game Programmers

      Description: Programming, design, and implementation of games modeled for gaming consoles, computers, and mobile devices.
      Scale: Pay Per Gig, with percentage of sales.
      Requirements: Familiarity with gaming software and testing procedures.

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